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Business Areas – Industrial

Our expertise well extends into  the mechanical design of this industry and hence, could assit you in the design of new and revamping plants.


Vèringer can provide the best available knowledge in each of the industrial and business areas we cover. Our team has a wide experience in the design of plants and engineering projects. Within our group, our experience and expertise in innovation and design of new processes and technologies, can assist you with the success of your project work.

We are located in different countries and we can work without any difficulty in projects anywhere in the world.

Vèringer’s industrial plant engineers have extensive experience in the design, optimisation and management of many industrial processes.

Our current work, with companies in the area of process modification for the improvement of plant performance, exhibits our extensive experience in this field.

  • Food.
  • Agro-industry.
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Glass.
  • Cement.
  • Manufacturing industry.