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Design & Analysis

Engineering - Instrumentation & Electrical

Vèringer’s electrical and instrumentation engineers have the experience and capacity to deliver a design of high quality and efficiency, covering full electrical and instrumentation design in a wide range of industrial plants, such as petrochemical, chemical, power, utility systems, etc.

Our extensive experience and knowledge in turn key projects and our continuing innovative approach enable us to provide the best technical and economical solutions to our clients.

Electrical Engineering and Design of:

  • Network analysis.
  • Dynamics & Transients.
  • Protective Devices.
  • Transmission Line.
  • Distribution Systems.
  • Cable Systems.
  • Transformer.
  • Ground Grid Systems.
  • Power Quality.
  • DC Systems.
  • Control Systems


Instrument Engineering and Design of:

  • Theory of Operation and Control Philosophy documentation.
  • HMI platforms in process control applications.
  • Data historian and graphics development.
  • Process control and computer-based information systems.
  • Instrumentation application and motor control and monitoring circuit design.
  • Design of SCADA, PLC and DCS systems.
  • Development of detail engineering documentation.

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