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Accurate international company in Barcelona/ Tarragona Planning Engineer to be in charge of schedule and progress follow-up for an O&G projects with minimum 3 years experience in similar function, knowledge and skills for Primavera / Microsoft Project and fluent in Spanish and English.


·      Working with the project team, define the activities that are to be used to build the project plan, making sure that the level of detail is sufficient to permit accurate monitoring and / or control.  Must have experience completing projects and understand the ins and outs of a construction project. 

·      Utilize the schedule to prepare and manage critical activity updates and prepare schedule fragments necessary for work around analysis.

·        Responsible for collection, verification, and integration of works scope for all entities into the construction schedule

·        Recommends alternatives for schedule improvement to project team for discussion and/or decision.

·      Working with the Construction Team, integrates the project activities into a logical sequence with resource manpower requirements and produce first pass planning reports for review with the project team. Reports also include a manpower profile showing resource requirements over time.

·    Interacts with the construction subcontractors receiving, reviewing, analyzing, commenting and requesting modifications or further details when required. Integrates subcontractors schedule within overall construction schedule, analyzing impacts and proposing corrective actions. Reports to construction manager and to client the schedule report.

·       Maintains current schedule for the team during the construction life cycle in order to monitor progress making modifications where changes in the original scope occur or delays are encountered. Provide analysis of the various alternatives that may be necessary to complete the project.

·       Performs critical path analysis (CPM, PERT, or others) to determine problem areas in regards to the schedule and resource overloads. Interprets project progress against original plan and reports to project team. Develops alternative courses of action to meet the changing demands of scope and schedule changes.

·         Advice on cycle time reduction opportunities as applied to schedule.



·         Bachelor or Master Degree in Industrial Engineering.

·         Experience in companies providing engineering/ construction services to the Pharma Industry.

·         Minimum 3 years experience in similar function

·         Experience on site.

·         Knowledge and skills for Primavera / Microsoft Project.

·         Fluent in Spanish and English.

Application Deadline: 9 enero, 2023

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