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Marine Engineering Calculations.

Marine Engineering Calculations

Vèringer specialises in the mechanical design of piping & structures (2D/3D drafting, piping stress analysis, pipe support design, structures, etc.)  for vessel topsides, FPSO, FPO, etc and offshore platforms. In detail, these include:

  • Skid design
  • Topsides
  • Piping
    • Risers: Riser piping under slaming waves, current & wind loads and special pipe support design .
    • Platform Topside: High pressure discharge piping, flare piping, process, etc. (rating up to 2500 psi) and associated pipe supports and frames 
    • Skid piping in offshore projects (up to 350 mm dia., steady and cyclic pressure and temp., up to 240 barg)
    • Fatigue, creep and fatigue-creep interaction analysis of HP & HT piping
    • HP Water Injection Piping, Flare Header & Branch Piping on fixed & FPSO platforms 
    • Offshore piping on well maintenance ships, FPSO’s, fixed and jacked up platforms, etc. (xmas tree, flow lines, kill/chock, risers, topside, skid’s, compressors, centrifugal & reciprocating pumps, steam boilers etc.)
    • Fatigue assessments of piping & pipe supports (e.g., DnV, Lloyds, PD5500, ASME VIII DIV. II, etc.)

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