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CAD Drawings & Design

Engineering - Mechanical Equipment

Vèringer specialises in the mechanical design and production of CAD drawings for pressure vessel, storage tank, heat exchanger and stack design, for the following industries: Petrochemical (offshore and onshore), chemical, power generators, pharmaceutical, food, refrigeration, heating and ventilation, etc.

We can design to the following codes:

  • Earth retaining system.
  • Pressure Vessels: ASME VIII DIV. I & II, PD 5500 & Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).
  • Shell & Tubes Heat Exchangers: TEMA, ASME VIII DIV I, PD 5500 & PED.
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (Fin-Fan): API 661 (including header boxes design).
  • Storage Tanks: API 650, API 620, BS EN 14015 and Rectangular Tanks to GEP.
  • Stacks (Chimneys): BS 4076 and GEP.
  • Specialised Calculations. Calculations are performed using the best available industry software and in-house spreadsheets:
    • Fatigue assessment.
    • Thermal/mechanical stress calculations.
    • Wind loads & vibrations.
    • Seismic loads.
    • Liquid sloshing effects.
    • Effect of piping external loads on nozzles/shells.
    • Secondary & discontinuity stresses.
    • Creep effect calculations and any associated Finite Element Analysis (FEA). 

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