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2D/3D Drafting & Piping Stress Analysis

Engineering - Piping & Ducting

Vèringer specialises in the mechanical design of piping & ducting (2D/3D drafting, piping stress analysis, pipe support design, ducting stress analysis, etc.) to the following industries: Petrochemical (offshore and onshore), chemical, power generators, pharmaceutical, food, refrigeration, heating and ventilation, etc. In detail, these include:


  • Conceptual design development, design studies and design optimisation.
  • Development of piping and instrument diagrams (P&ID’s).
  • Development of general arrangements.
  • Development of detailed piping/ducting drawings, including isometrics and supports.
  • When required or specified, perform piping/ducting stress analysis calculations.
  • Management of vendor drawings.
  • Estimation and the preparation of M.T.O., costing and schedule control.
  • Start-up procedures.
  • Problem Solutions (in design, commissioning and plant operation phases).
  • Specialised Calculations. Calculations are performed using the best available industry software and in-house spreadsheets:
    • Fatigue assessment.
    • Wind loads and vibrations.
    • Seismic loads.
    • Liquid sloshing effects.
    • Effect of piping external loads on nozzles/shells.
    • Secondary & discontinuity stresses.
    • Creep effects.
    • Ocean wave slamming.
    • ‘Water hammer’.
    • Pressure surges and mixed flow induced loads (slugs, etc.).
  • Codes: ASME/ANSI B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, API PP 530, BS 806, IP 6, API 6A and IGE/TD/12.

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