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Onshore & Offshore Structures

Engineering - Structural & Civil Design

Wide design and analysis experience in all types of structures, ranging from small frames and skids right up to 5000 tonne weight of steel, in the onshore and offshore industries.

In addition, we provide design services related to all foundation types, soil and fluid retention structures, as well as civil design of engineering projects with difficult soil conditions, indoor spaces without pillars, etc.

The design is generally tailored to the project requirements for equipment, personnel and maintenance access.

Some Codes: AISC, AISI, SSPC, ACI, CTE, BS 5950, EUROCODE EC3, NS3472, DnV & NORSOK codes.

Foundation design:

  • Shallow Foundations.
    • Spread footings.
    • Mat Foundations.
    • Semi-Deep footings.
  • Deep Foundations.
    • Auger-cast shafts.
    • Composite piles.
    • Drilled Shafts.
    • Pressure-injected piles (pifs).
    • Precast-prestressed concrete piles (pcps).
    • Timber piles.
    • Steel piles.
    • Micro-piles).
  • Retaining Structures.
    • Anchored wall.
    • Cantilever wall.
    • Gravity wall.
    • Piling wall.
    • Reinforced concrete walls.
    • Pre-cast crib walls.
    • Flexible walls. Mechanically stabilized earth walls, etc.).
  • Tunnels.


Structure design:

  • Large span structures.
  • Frameworks design (wood, steel), mixed structures.
  • Concrete structures and prefabricated concrete structures.
    • Building structures.
    • Equipment supporting concrete frames.
    • Towers & Chimneys.
    • Bridges.
    • Vaults and deposits.
    • Special anchorages.
  • Steel structures and prefabricated steel structures.
    • Building frames.
    • Bridges.
    • Process building.
    • Process skids.
    • Piperacks and pipe supports.
    • Equipment supporting steel frames.

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